Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for the 36th Space Symposium

When will the rescheduled 36th Space Symposium take place?

Space Foundation will reconvene the world’s space community in Colorado Springs, CO next year, August 23-26, 2021 at The Broadmoor for the 36th Space Symposium.


Why is the Space Symposium not taking place this October 31-November 2, 2020 as previously mentioned?

It was a number of factors that have caused this year’s program to be postponed to 2021. Those include the unprecedented conditions that have been part of the Coronavirus pandemic, including the recent resurgence of the virus; ongoing travel and meeting size restrictions; and public health concerns for the Fall. Space Foundation is committed to a safe and successful environment for everyone that takes part of Space Symposium.


For the 36th Space Symposium, will we have virtual, live stream, and on-demand options?  Are these options included in my registration fee? 

Planning for an array of digital access items for the next Space Symposium are already underway and those will be detailed after the first of the new year and prior to registration opening.


Do I have to be registered for the full conference in order to gain access to these options or can I purchase a la carte?

We anticipate having a digital access ability for persons not attending the Space Symposium in-person to enjoy the content and programming of the assembly in Colorado  Springs, CO.  Those will be shared when registration is opened for the program next year.


Can I receive a full refund? 

You are eligible for a full refund, minus a $150 processing fee. If you would like to receive a refund, please email [email protected] within 30 days of receipt of this email.  Please allow up to 15-20 days for the refund to reflect in your account.

Note: original payment method will be refunded.  We are unable to refund alternative cards or mail a check in lieu of a credit card refund.


What are my options for my existing registration for the 36th Space Symposium?

You have three options to consider:

  1. Donate your registration to Space Foundation
  2. Roll registration to the rescheduled 36th Space Symposium (August 23-26, 2021)
  3. Request a refund.


If I decide to transfer my registration to the next Space Symposium (August 23-26, 2021), what steps do I need to take? 

If you do not request a refund or donate your registration fee to the Space Foundation, your paid registration will be automatically transferred to our August 23-26, 2021 program and secures your spot at this year’s registration rates.  Registration fees will increase for the 2021 program but by transferring this year’s registration fees, you will not be subjected to price increases.  You will also be automatically enrolled to receive updates as we get closer to the event.


Can I donate my registration fees?  If so is it tax deductible? Can I get a tax receipt illustrating my donation?

Yes, you can donate your registration fee to Space Foundation. By donating your registration fee back to the Space Foundation, you can ensure our mission efforts go uninterrupted. As an IRS 501c3 non-profit organization, Space Foundation relies upon proceeds from the symposium to fund the education programs we offer students, teachers, policymakers and the general public.

To do this, please email [email protected] sharing your decision and to obtain a tax receipt.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated!


Can I transfer my registration to someone else? 

Absolutely!  You will need to contact [email protected] to initiate the transfer.


What safety precautions will be in place for the 36th Space Symposium to prevent registrants from getting Coronavirus?

The safety of every Space Symposium guest, volunteer, staff member and attendee is a top priority for the entire Space Foundation team. As we proceed in planning for the 2021 gathering, Space Foundation and its Symposium vendors and partners, including The Broadmoor will be following recommended prevention protocols.

The Space Foundation and its Symposium partners will continually monitor all of the reporting from the recognized and authoritative sources listed below for the most accurate information on this situation.


Will all tracks still be offered at next in-person event?  i.e. Tech Track, Space Law Workshop, Cyber Classified, Space Classified, meals, etc.

The full scope of the agenda and programming for 36th Space Symposium will be defined in the coming months. At this point, we anticipate each of the mentioned programs will occur during our program year, either at Space Symposium or at another time.  See our website at and for frequent updates.


If I transfer my registration fees to the next event and that event ends up getting cancelled or further postponed, will I receive a full refund?

Yes, we anticipate such registrants would be eligible for a refund, minus a $150 processing fee.


Will there be international participants from infected countries at the Symposium? 

The Space Symposium regularly hosts international attendees including countries that have been adversely impacted by the outbreak.  With the advent of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Space Foundation will follow and adhere to the US State Department’s guidance and directives for all international travelers coming into the United States.

As such, persons coming from countries that are deemed as high risk will either not be able to travel into the US, or when/if they arrive, will be subject to additional medical screening measures, including potential quarantine before they would be allowed entry into the US.

International attendees coming to the Symposium will have to adhere to those protocols.


What is Space Symposium 365?

Space Symposium 365 is Space Foundation’s newest initiative to extend the spirit and reach of the annual global gathering of the space community in Colorado Springs but do so in a year-round digital and engageable format.

It will include a number of the signature components everyone expects from the Space Symposium, along with other enriched programming including showcasing presentations by top global space leaders, executive panels, world class awards, New Generation Space Leaders activities, and other engaging multimedia components.


When will Space Symposium 365 start?

Programming will begin this fall, with an anticipated October premiere.


Will Space Symposium 365 be replacing the annual Symposium in Colorado Springs?

No. Nothing can or will replace the experience and value our customers have taken away from the Space Symposium and The Broadmoor for the past 35 years. It has always been the hallmark of Space Foundation to convene the global space community together for the inspiring dialogues and engagements that spur partnerships and opportunities.

Space Symposium 365 is Space Foundation’s effort to continue to build upon and share the spirit, connectivity and energy and extend the unique content of the Space Symposium to an even wider audience…in an accessible, digital and interactive environment.


Will Space Symposium 365 be free?

Space Symposium 365 will require a registration fee for subscribers to access its premium content.


How much will a subscription for Space Symposium 365 cost?

Registrant fees for Space Symposium 365 are forthcoming and unavailable at this moment.


Where can I get more information on Space Symposium 365? 

Details on the programming, schedule and subscription services available for Space Symposium 365 can be found at the Space Foundation’s main website – and the Space Symposium site at


Are sponsorships for Space Symposium 365 programming available?

Yes. Companies and organizations interested in sponsoring programs and other content on Space Symposium 365 are available. Interested parties should contact Elizabeth Wagner at [email protected].