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April 16 - 19, 2018 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Media Guidelines

Media Registration Guidelines for Space Foundation Events

Media registration at Space Foundation events is complimentary to accredited media, which includes reporters, editors, videographers and photographers affiliated with recognized broadcast, print or internet media organizations. Please review our media accreditation qualifications for specifics.

Media registration allows entrance to general sessions, exhibits and media events. Sessions may be recorded unless otherwise indicated, as long as the proceedings are not disturbed.

Registered media are required to wear business clothes and an event badge at all times.

To obtain a media badge, each person must report to the media center and pick up their own badge by showing a government-issued photo I.D. Advance online registration is strongly recommended to avoid a lengthy onsite registration process.

Members of the media may cover dining events from the press seating area, but will not be served meals. For some events, dining tickets are available for purchase; check in the Media Center.

Interviews may be conducted subsequent to the sessions, at the discretion of the speakers, panelists or their staffs. The Media Center is available for use by accredited media registered for the event.

The Space Foundation reserves the right to deny media registration to any individual for any reason, as well the right to revoke previously granted media credentials.

The Space Foundation reserves the right to refuse or revoke media badges. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Although registration is complimentary and the Space Foundation provides media with amenities such as refreshments and wireless internet connections in the Media Center, media attendees are responsible for their own additional expenses such as dining, parking, travel and accommodations.

Media attending the Space Symposium are expected to dress appropriately, wearing business clothes to sessions and interviews. The Space Foundation has the right to ask media attendees who are not dressed appropriately to leave. 

For reporters who have no history with the Space Foundation, or with who we are not familiar, we may require proof of assignment (URL link or mailed/faxed copy), which could be any of the following:

  • Sample bylined article published within the past year clearly displaying publication title 
  • Current masthead, business card or home page link with registrant's name and title and media outlet's logo
  • A letter of assignment from a publisher, editor-in-chief or managing editor indicating that you are covering the event for that publication
  • Published listing of a broadcast show's market(s) and airing schedule
  • A letter from a sponsor for a documentary

Please note: conditions are crowded at the Symposium. There will not be space to store video equipment on site, or dedicated interview space, and we might need to limit the size of your crew.

Media Accreditation Qualifications

You must fall under one of the following categories to register as media:

  • PRINT MEDIA AND NEWS WIRE SERVICES - Reporters and editors from magazines, newspapers, trade publications and wire services.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS - Photographers from magazines, newspapers, trade publications and wire services.
  • BROADCAST MEDIA - Television and radio broadcast reporters, camera/sound crew and producers from news organizations. Please note: each member of a broadcast crew must register separately. 
  • FREELANCE WRITERS - Freelance reporters working on assignments for an accredited news organization. Those who freelance occasionally and/or are employed by non-news organizations are not eligible for media registration.
  • ONLINE PUBLICATIONS - Reporters and editors from established, independent online sites that contains regularly updated original news content above and beyond links, forums, troubleshooting tips and reader contributors, have a readership of more than 1,000 per month and have covered the space industry before. Fan sites, blogs and personal websites do not qualify for media badges.
  • DOCUMENTARIANS - Producers, writers or journalists working on documentary films, either independent or for an established organization.

Categories NOT Eligible

Marketing, advertising, public relations, account and sales representatives or executives, presidents, publishers, CEOs, board members, consultants, authors, analysts and researchers may not register as media.

Anyone whose principal purpose for attending the event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media may not register as media.

Companions and other non-credentialed guests of media representatives are not eligible for complimentary media registration. The media center is not open to anyone younger than 18 years of age.

Contact media relations at [email protected] for more information.