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April 16 - 19, 2018 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Sponsor Highlight: Tesat-Spacecom


The Space Foundation would like to thank Tesat-Spacecom for its sponsorship of the by-invitation only Chairman’s Reception, taking place during the 33rd Space Symposium, April 3-6 at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Over the course of five decades, Tesat-Spacecom has developed in-depth expertise in manufacturing of payload equipment for communication satellites and has established itself as a clear European market leader. On its 60,000m² premises in Backnang, Germany, 1,200 employees develop, assemble, integrate, and test systems and equipment for telecommunication via satellite. To date, more than 700 space projects have been completed. The accumulated in orbit lifetime heritage exceeds 250 million hours. 

Recently, in February 2017, Tesat-Spacecom celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary of Laser Communication Terminals (LCT’s) in orbit. Starting with NFIRE and TerraSAR-X LEO satellites in 2007, with data rates up to 5.6 Gbps; then on to LEO-to-GEO data relay satellites consisting of LEO Sentinel satellites laser linked to GEO satellite EDRS-A at 1.8 Gbps. There are currently nine (9) satellites in orbit equipped with Tesat LCT’s enabling resilient, high data rate, LPI/LPD laser communications. 

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