Col. Luis Felipe Saez, FACH

Sub Director of Space Affairs
Operations Directorate FACH

Over 25 years of experience in Logistic, Strategic Planning and Project Management field, as well in the IT defense sector. / Magister in Military Science, Air War College of the Chilean Air Force; Master in Comparative Local Development, University of Trento (Italy); MBA in International Business, Gabriela Mistral University (Chile); Commercial Engineer, Bernardo O Higgins University (Chile); Graduate in Preparation and Social Evaluation of Projects, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean; Graduate in Logistic Management, Gabriela Mistral University (Chile); Graduate in Strategic Planning Course, Center of Public Systems of University of Chile; Diploma in Strategic Management of Information and Communication Technologies, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. / Former Defense, Army, Navy and Air Attaché to the Chilean Embassy in Italy, Poland, and Switzerland. / Lecturer of logistics in the Air War College of the Chilean Air Force (FACH); Staff Officer and Pilot of the Chilean Air Force; Assistant Director of Space Affair; Project Manager of the National Satellite System of Chile.

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