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April 16 - 19, 2018 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Tech Track Call for Papers

The Space Foundation is announcing a Call for Papers for Tech Track presentations to be delivered on April 16, 2018 as part of the 34th Space Symposium (April 16 - 19, 2018). Tech Track sessions offer registrants an opportunity to hear from government and industry leaders in space technology development, and to learn about recent advances from presenters in a series of 20-minute tech talks. 

Abstracts will be accepted until November 10, 2017. Authors will be notified of acceptance by January 4, 2018. Please direct all questions to [email protected].

Key Deadlines for Authors

  • November 10, 2017: Abstracts due
  • January 4, 2018:  Notification and detailed presenter instructions sent to authors via email
  • February 5, 2018:  Deadline for authors to confirm attendance
  • March 30, 2018:  Full papers due (submission form here) and Tech Track registration
  • April 6, 2018:  Presentations due (submission form here)
  • April 16, 2018:  Tech Track presentations at the 34th Space Symposium

Presentation Content

Presentations are welcome on technology developments with applications for civil, commercial, entrepreneurial, and national security fields. The emphasis should be on recent activities or emerging technologies. Areas of interest include:

  • Smallsats/cubesats
  • Satellite design and system architectures
  • Launch vehicle development
  • Communications
  • Earth observation/remote sensing
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
  • Commercial alternatives to government systems
  • Government opportunities for small businesses and startups
  • Emerging terrestrial applications of space systems
  • Policy and planning

Papers from Previous Years

View papers from Tech Track 2016
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