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April 16 - 19, 2018 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Papers from Tech Track 2016

Here are papers from the Tech Track program in 2016. View information for the upcoming Tech Track program here.

Government, Science and Communication

"The Increased Liability of New Launch Markets," 
Robert Williams

"A Market View approach to Optimizing the Ground in Enterprise Ground Services,"
Erik Eliasen

"How and Why Commercial High-Capacity Satellites Offer Superior Performance & Survivability in the Future Space Threat Continuum,"
Craig Miller


"RUAG Reusable Payload Faring," (presentation only)
Andreas Wiesendanger

"Influence of Orbital Debris on Space Architecture Efficacy,"
Darren McKnight

"Medium Earth Orbiting Search and Rescue (MEOSAR): Globally Designed Next Generation of Satellite-Aided Search and Rescue," (presentation only)
Christopher O’Connors

"Broadband Satellite Service Architectures – Broadband that Moves to Where the Fight Is and Where the Fight Will Go,"
Howard Pace

"MicroCathode-Cold Gas Hybrid Propulsion System - BRICSat-T,"
Jacob Pittman

Architecture and Systems

"Developing an Adaptive OPIR Exploitation Framework,"
Tom Walker

"Technical Reference Suite Addressing Challenges in Providing Assurance for Fault Management Architectural Design,"
Rhonda Fitz

"Developing and Distributing a CubeSat Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model - Status,"
David Kaslow

"A system engineering and acquisition approach for software resiliency," (presentation only)
Dewanne Phillips


"Simulation-Centric Model-Based Development for Spacecraft and Small Launch Vehicles,"
Nathan Benz

"Force Limited Vibration Testing of CubeSats,"
Mike Grimaldi

"Establishing a Launch facility for small satellites at Esrange, Sweden,"
Anna Rathsman

"A New Documentation Process to Streamline Range Safety Procedures,"
Rusty Powell

"Innovative viscoelastic dampers for Shock & Vibration control,"
Tony Demerville

Government, Science and Communication Part 2

"Cloud Based Services, Highlighting New Gound Stations and Ops Concept,"
Mats Tyni

"Real-Time Tactical Space Asset Retasking,"
Christopher Pearson

"Commercial Services 2.0 – Repurposing multi-mission ground network infrastructure for emerging, new space applications,"
Thomas Pirrone

"Industry Partnership “Critical to Government’s Future” in Satellite Communications,"
Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

"Efficient Object Maneuver Characterization to Support Space Situational Awareness,"
Charlotte Shabarekh & Gene Keselman

"Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites – R Series (GOES-R) Overview and Status,"
Michael Stringer

Government, Science and Communication Part 3

"Assured and Affordable Access to Space: An Autonomous Flight Safety Solution," (presentation only)
Rusty Powell

"The Growing Convergence of DoD and Commercial Protected Satcom Requirements,"
Steve Williams

"Does Commercial Satellite Broadband Have the DoD Aiming Behind the Technology Target?,"
Richard VanderMeulen

"Cellularized Satellites—Initial Experiments and the Path Forward,"
Bill Crandall

Architecture and Systems Part 2

"Enterprise Ground Transformation at NESDIS,"
Steven Petersen

"Design Progress and Flight Results for the Autonomous Mobile On-orbit Diagnostic System (AMODS),"
Morgan Lange

"Commercial Space Transportation and Air Traffic Insertion,"
Jürgen Drescher

"Precision Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) Quartz Oscillators for Space Applications,"
Peter Cash

Satellites Part 2

"Smallsat Ground Systems, a C2 to RF Integrated Approach,"
Matthew Prechtel

"The CubeSat Paradigm: An Evolutionary Approach to Satellite Design,"
Richard Welle

"Laser Communicatiosn for Satellite Mega-Constellations - Newspace-Style,"
Markus Knapek

Launch Part 2

"Effects of Changing Economics on Space Architecture and Engineering,"
Gary Oleson

"Creating Situational Awareness with Spacecraft Data Trending and Monitoring,"
Zhenping Li

"Cryogenic and Hypergolic Fuel & Oxidizer Sealing in Launch Vehicles,"
Kha Le