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April 16 - 19, 2018 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Papers from Tech Track 2017

Here are papers from last year's Tech Track program. View information for the upcoming Tech Track program here

Space Situational Awareness

"Solar Glint for Optical Ranging,"
Anja Brokaw

"Reducing Conjunction Analysis Errors with an Assimilative Tool for Satellite Drag Specification,"
Geoff Crowley

"An Innovative, High Fidelity Approach to Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Data Simulation,"
Susan Hagerty

"Ecosystem for Near‐Earth Space Control: Methods and Systems for Permanent Debris Removal Plus Enhanced National Security Capabilities,"
Marshall Kaplan

Big Ideas and Architectures, Part 1

"Container Based Virtualization Applied,"
Richard Monteleone

"XEUS: A Powerful Path to Beyond LEO Activity,"
Melissa Sampson, Jonathan Powers

"Hyperconvergence in Space Ground Systems Architectures,"
Srikant Mantravadi

"Open Sourcing the Ball Aerospace COSMOS Command and Control System,"
Ryan Melton

Earth Weather and Forecasting

"Emerging Earth Remote Sensing Instrument for Tropospheric Emissions Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO),"
Dennis Nicks

"NOAA's Commercial Weather Data Pilot Project,"
Karen St. Germain

"Satellite-based Global Wind Profiling to Improve Numerical Weather Prediction,"
Sara Tucker

"GOES-R Update,"
Timothy Walsh

Space Safety and Services

"Risk-Significant Adverse Condition Awareness Strengthens Assurance of Fault Management Systems,"
Rhonda Fitz

"Esrange Space Center – Meeting future needs for advanced space services,"
Mattias Abrahamsson

"A concept for improved integration of Space Vehicle Operation into ATM,"
Sven Kaltenhaeuser

"Reducing time to issue resolution using terminal embedded monitoring and mitigation of interference in next gen satellites,"
Steve Williams

Space Technology Innovation

"Plasma Propulsion: Unlocking the Full Potential of Small Satellites,"
Jim Behmer

"Advanced On-Board Calibration of Space Systems Using a Carbon Nanotube Flat-Plate Blackbody,"
John Fleming

"The Smart Backplane – Lowering the Cost of Spacecraft Avionics by Improving the Radiation Tolerance of COTS Electronic Systems,"
Daniel Gleeson

"Frequency comb development for ultra-precise space based applications,"
Jordan Wachs

The Business of Space Systems

"Small Satellites: The Execution and Launch of a GPS Radio Occultation Instrument in a 6U Nanosatellite,"
Dave Williamson

"The Space Industry: High Tech at Last? A Market-based Interpretation,"
Carolyn Belle, Blaine Curcio, Claude Rousseau

"A Transformational Era: Commercial Innovations Bring Promise of "Anywhere/Anytime" SATCOM for Modern Government User,"
Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch

"The current state and the future of Space Internet - the Space Generation Perspective,"
Mansoor Shar

CubeSat Technology Developments

"COTS 3D Camera for On-orbit Proximity Operations Demonstration,"
Edward A.S. Hanlon

"Space Weather and Environment Effects on the Next-Generation Solar Cell Technology Flying on the AeroCube-6 Twin CubeSat Mission,"
Richard P. Welle, Justin H. Lee

"Cubesat Communications -- from traditional communications design to evolved emerging space need,"
Erik Eliasen

Big Ideas and Architectures, Part 2

"Commercial Support for Civil Space Agencies and Organizations CubeSat Activities,"
Jennifer Blasko

Rusty Powell

"The NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture Study,"
Karen St. Germain