Salon Luncheon: Australian Space Agency

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

12:15 pm - 1:45 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

The Next Phase of Australia-U.S. Space Cooperation

From Apollo to Artemis – Australia and the United States have been strong partners in space for more than half a century. Now, the close allies are experiencing a new phase of space cooperation.

The 2023 landmark signing of the Technology Safeguards Agreement will unlock commercial partnerships in a broad range of areas, and harness Australia’s exceptional launch potential.
Australia is also a founding signatory of the Artemis Accords and is developing a semi-autonomous lunar rover that builds on the country’s world-renowned remote operations expertise.

As Australia’s space sector matures, new cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure are coming online to complement future planned missions to the Moon and beyond – all part of what the Australian Space Agency has slated, Team Artemis Australia.

Join Head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palermo, and Australia’s Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency The Honourable Dr. Kevin Rudd AC, to explore this evolution in space cooperation between the close allies and what the future holds. 

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