Bailey Siegfried

Bailey Siegfried

Owner and Officer

Bailey builds bonds that last. He is a seasoned aerospace executive and influential leader in the global space and aerospace industry.

He is an owner and officer of NORDAM, a global firm renowned for its pioneering contributions in aerospace and space technologies which include bonding processes for composites and alloys, structures, integrated propulsion systems, repair and transparency manufacturing. NORDAM employs over 2000 Stakeholders (employees) worldwide.

With over two decades of dedicated service, Bailey has been at the forefront of cultivating and nurturing a workforce that is well-equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s aerospace and space sectors.

His leadership extends beyond executive management to the board room and is a celebrated speaker, committed servant leader and is consistently championing the importance of building lasting relationships and a strong, diverse, and inclusive culture.

Siegfried holds positions on international boards and has been instrumental in propelling the state of Oklahoma’s space, aerospace, and advanced air mobility sectors forward, leveraging his roles within various state agencies and councils.

He an advisor to U.S. Congressional leaders on critical space, aerospace, and defense workforce matters and is a member of the United States Geospatial Organization, Space Foundation and Swiggett Society

At NORDAM, Siegfried is VP of Culture responsible for Communication, HR, Talent, Environmental, Health, Safety, Security, Ethics, and Global Trade Compliance.

Siegfried’s leadership extends into the community as the chair of his family founded, Flight Night, a K-12 STEM-inspiration non-profit that has successfully raised and distributed over $5 million for STEM education in Oklahoma.

His belief and statement you will hear him often say,  “kids can’t be what they can’t see,” drives him to bring students to NORDAM for tours through the year and bring astronauts and hands-on learning experiences to students annually through Siegfried Space Week and the Siegfried Drone Competition, fostering a passion for space, aerospace, and STEM fields among the youth.

Bailey, a servant leader and culture architect, lives by the philosophy that “Life is about Love” and that leadership is a privilege that comes with the responsibility to positively impact the lives of others.

His academic journey took him from Culver Military Academy to earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The University of Notre Dame.

Together with his wife, Kellner, and their four children, Bailey resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

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