Benjamin Zeitoun

Benjamin Zeitoun

Investing Partner
Starburst Ventures

Benjamin Zeitoun is an Investing Partner at Starburst Ventures (SV). He focuses on early-stage companies building category-defining products for industrial and government customers. A prolific space investor, SV’s and Benjamin’s portfolio include deals in infrastructure and reentry, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness, data pipelines and AI models, military integration platform, and digital engineering and production, as well as crowdsourced ISR.

Prior to his current role with SV, Benjamin helped build and operate Starburst Accelerator, the world’s first startup accelerator focused on national security and Aerospace & Defense, which has thus far supported more than 120 companies—who have raised a total of $1.7Bn in capital (as of 01/2024). He has also worked with large corporations executives across the US and Europe, as well as government agencies, to promote an innovation culture and new business opportunities, sparking dozens of collaborations and direct investments in startups.

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