Col Ernest "Bobby" Smith

Col. Bobby Schmitt, USSF

Commander, Space Delta 4
U.S. Space Force

Col Schmitt is currently serving as the Commander, Space Delta 4, Buckley Space Force Base, CO. In this capacity, he is responsible for delivering strategic and theater missile warning to the United States and international partners, while also contributing to missile defense, space domain awareness and technical intelligence missions in support of Combatant Commanders worldwide. Space Delta 4 operates and supports three satellite constellations and two ground-based sensors at 10 locations worldwide.

Col Schmitt began his career as a space operations officer after receiving his commission from the US Air Force Academy in May 2001. He holds Masters Degrees in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota, Military Operational Art and Science from Air University, and Strategic Studies from the Army War College. He has held a variety of space operations and staff positions in the Space Electronic Warfare, Missile Warning, and Battlespace Awareness missions. He also served as an Air and Missile Defense Operations staff officer on the Joint Staff and was the Commander of the 16th Space Control Squadron.

He transferred to the United States Space Force on 9 October 2020. He has been married to his wife Teresa since 2006 and has two children.

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