David Salvagnini

David Salvagnini

Chief Data Officer

David Salvagnini serves as the Chief Data Officer at NASA.

David formerly served as the Director of the Intelligence Community Chief Information Officer (IC CIO) Architecture and Integration Group (AIG) and Chief Architect. In these roles, he worked with Intelligence Community elements and 5-Eye Enterprise (5EEE) international partners on the development and implementation of reference architectures for interoperability, data sharing and technical advancement of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, data services and other foundational capabilities.

Before joining the IC CIO, Mr. Salvagnini held a variety of positions at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), to include Chief Information Office (CIO) Technical Director, Chief Data Officer, and Deputy Chief of the Enterprise Cyber and Infrastructure Services Division. He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service as the Senior Technical Officer for Enterprise IT and Cyber Operations at DIA in June 2016.

Mr. Salvagnini joined DIA as a civil servant in May 2005. Prior to his selection as a senior executive, he served on a joint duty assignment as the Chief Architect for the IC Desktop Environment (IC DTE). In that position, he was responsible for DIA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) adoption of DTE services, and the transitioning of over 57,000 personnel to the IC Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE). Previously, Mr. Salvagnini held numerous key leadership positions, to include Deputy Chief, Infrastructure Integration; Deputy Chief, Applications Operations; and Acting Chief, Infrastructure Innovation Division. Mr. Salvagnini’s experience includes all aspects of enterprise IT service delivery, including research, engineering, testing, security, and operations.

Mr. Salvagnini retired from the Air Force as a Communications and Computer Systems Officer in May 2005 after having served in a variety of leadership assignments during his 21-year career.

He is a native of Setauket, New York and resides with his family in Falls Church, Virginia.

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