Dr. Kam Ghaffarian

Dr. Kam Ghaffarian

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Kam Ghaffarian is a visionary entrepreneur and engineer with a passion to advance humanity and expand human knowledge. Specializing in aerospace, disruptive technologies, and strategic business leadership, he has launched multiple industry-leading firms, two of which have achieved unicorn status, each surpassing $1 billion in valuation.

He co-founded, bootstrapped, and scaled Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT), transforming it into NASA’s second-largest engineering provider before its $375 million sale in 2018.

Currently, Dr. Ghaffarian is the founder and CEO of IBX, an innovation and investment firm. He also serves as the co-founder and Executive Chairman of groundbreaking companies like X-energy, an advanced nuclear energy pioneer; Intuitive Machines, a space exploration and services firm set to achieve a lunar landing in 2023; Axiom Space, building the first commercial space station; and Quantum Space, creating infrastructure for deep space commerce.

Beyond his business pursuits, Dr. Ghaffarian has made a significant mark in the philanthropic sphere launching two non-profit organizations, including the Limitless Space Institute, promoting STEM education and research in interstellar space exploration.

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