Dr. Kevin Crosby

Dr. Kevin Crosby

The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium

Co-Founder, Space for Teachers

Dr. Kevin M. Crosby teaches in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.  He runs the Carthage Space Sciences program, where he is involved in a variety of undergraduate space science research initiatives, including suborbital payload experiments, parabolic flight experiments, and CubeSat projects. Dr. Crosby is also a Visiting Scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center, where he works on the Modal Propellant Gauging Project.

Dr. Crosby is the Director of The NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and a co-founder of Space for Teachers.  He is dedicated to the idea that authentic research experiences are the best way to engage students in STEM, and seeks to find opportunities for educators to implement space research in their classrooms.

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