Laura Tomlin

Laura Tomlin

Science and STEM Educator
Salado Middle School, Embedded Teacher Program

ZERO-G Flight Mentor and Co-Founder of Space for Teachers

Laura is a dedicated science and STEM educator based in Salado, Texas. She holds a B.S. in Horticulture from Texas Tech and an M.S. in Plant Pathology from NC State. Prior to teaching, Laura was a research biologist in the California agricultural industry. With her background in research Laura is committed to the idea that all students have access to meaningful and authentic research opportunities. Laura is a co-founder for Space for Teachers, a ZERO-G flight mentor through the WSGC Embedded Teacher Program, a Teacher Liaison with Space Foundation, and an Ambassador for One Giant Leap Australia and Space Station Explorers. During summers, Laura mentors high school students in the STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) program, and assists with LiftOff Institute, a premiere weeklong educator workshop at Johnson Space Center.

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