Lucy Hoag

Lucy Hoag

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Violet Labs

Lucy Hoag is the Founder and CEO at Violet Labs, which is building the first cloud-based software integration platform that is purpose-built for hardware engineering. Think Zapier, but for teams building satellites, rockets, and robots.

Previously, Lucy was a Senior Technical Program Manager for the Satellite Structures & Mechanisms team at Amazon’s Project Kuiper. Prior to that, Lucy led Systems Integration and Software Technical Program Management for Lyft Level5’s autonomous vehicle program; performed Systems Engineering for Waymo’s autonomous vehicle program; was lead Technical Program Manager for a drone-based internet program at Google; and was a SETA contractor for DARPA/TTO providing technical and programmatic support for multiple LEO and GEO space programs.

Lucy holds a BS, MS and PhD from the University of Southern California in Astronautical Engineering. Violet Labs has two missions: 1) to transform the way we design, build and launch hardware; and 2) to achieve this with a diverse team that champions groups who are traditionally underrepresented in tech.

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