Space Science Track

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort: Colorado Ballroom

Presented in Association with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 

The Space Science track allows for in-depth discussions of a range of space science and research matters. Government and industry speakers will address the NASA science roadmap, Earth and climate science, advanced rockets, exploration initiatives, and space weather.

10:00am – Welcome Remarks 

    • Dipak Srinivasan, JHU APL

10:05am – Astrobiology 

    • Dr. Alexandra Pontefract, JHU APL

10:30am – Doing Science with Samples from Space

    • Dr. Nancy Chabot, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Masaki Fujimoto, JAXA
    • Dr. Yang Liu, NASA’s JPL 
    • Dr. Kathleen Vander Kaaden, NASA

11:15am – Climate and Earth Science

    • Alicia Carey, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Karen St. Germain, NASA Earth Science Division

11:45am – Lunch

1:00pm – Welcome Back Remarks 

1:05pm – Helio Big Year

    • Dr. Jim Kinnison, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Joe Westlake, NASA

1:35pm – Habitable Worlds Observatory

    • Dr. Jason Kalirai, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Mark Clampin, NASA
    • Lee Feinberg, NASA
    • Martin Frederick, NGC
    • Julianna Scheiman, SpaceX
    • Dr. Sara Seager, MIT
    • Tiffany Wong Hall, Blue Origin

2:20pm – Uranus 

    • Michael Amato, NASA – Moderator
    • Richard Cartwright, JHU APL
    • Dr. Francis Nimmo, University of California, Santa Cruz
    • Julianna Scheiman, SpaceX

3:05pm – Break

3:25pm – Are We Ready for Space Weather?

    • John Hicks, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Committee on Research COSPAR
    • Lt. Col. Haley Homan, USAF
    • Robert Steenburgh, NOAA
    • Dr. Elsayed Talaat, NESDIS
    • Lt. Col. Sarah Winfrey, USAF

4:10pm – Fireside Chat

    • Steve Arnold, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Nicola Fox, NASA

Separate Registration or Purchase Required