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Monday, April 8, 2024

Monday, April 8, 2024

9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Space Law and Regulation Track

Presented in Association with the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and Greenberg Traurig

The Space Law and Regulation Track will address pressing issues of space law and regulation impacting commercial space activities.  Featuring government and industry leaders addressing a range of current issues.

The track will again feature the signature General Counsels Forum and will include a reception hosted by Greenberg Traurig to provide an opportunity for attendees to network.    

CLE credit will be provided. 

9:30am – Welcome Remarks

    • Milton “Skip” Smith, Greenberg Traurig 
    • Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, IISL

9:40am – Regulatory Update

    • Audrey Allison, The Aerospace Corporation – Moderator 
    • Sabrina Jawed, FAA
    • Julie Kearney, FCC
    • Glenn Tallia, NOAA
    • Janice Starzyk, Department of Commerce
    • Industry Comments: Caryn Schenewerk, CS Consulting

11:10am – Break

11:20am – Update on the 2023 WRC and Impacts on Satellite Systems 

    • Ethan Lucarelli, FCC

11:45am –  The Legal and Regulatory Landscape for Novel Space Activities

    • Richard DalBello, Department of Commerce 

12:10pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Legal and Policy Challenges to In-Space Commercial Activities 

    • Gabriel Swiney, OSC – Moderator
    • Ian Christensen, Secure World Foundation
    • Prof. Kai-Uwe Schrogl, IISL

1:45pm – IP Strategy for Emerging Space Domains

    • Janna Lewis, BAE Systems – Moderator
    • Dr. Debra Emmons, The Aerospace Corporation

2:25pm – Break 

2:40pm – General Counsel Forum 

    • Thomas Ayres, Voyager Space
    • Hon. Peter Beshar, USAF
    • Arjun Kampani, Rocket Lab
    • Iris Lan, NASA
    • Jessica Noble, ispace inc. 
    • Nathan O’Konek, Redwire Space
    • Monica Palko, York Space 
    • Robin Ricketts, Lockheed Martin
    • National Security & Commercial Space: 
      • Mira Ricardel, The Chertoff Group – Moderator 
      • Dennis Burnett, Hawkeye360
      • Matthew Linton, True Anomaly

 5:00pm – Space Law and Regulation Track Reception sponsored by Greenberg Traurig and Hawkeye 360.

Separate Registration or Purchase Required


Greenberg Traurig

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Space Investment Track

The Space Investment Track will take a dynamic look at the myriad of factors affecting the current and future market for commercial investment in space.

Separate Registration or Purchase Required

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Space Science Track

Presented in Association with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 

The Space Science track allows for in-depth discussions of a range of space science and research matters. Government and industry speakers will address the NASA science roadmap, Earth and climate science, advanced rockets, exploration initiatives, and space weather.

10:00am – Welcome Remarks 

    • Dipak Srinivasan, JHU APL

10:05am – Astrobiology 

    • Dr. Alexandra Pontefract, JHU APL

10:35am – Climate and Earth Science

    • Alicia Carey, JHU APL – Moderator

11:20am – Doing Science with Samples from Space

    • Dr. Nancy Chabot, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Masaki Fujimoto, JAXA
    • Dr. Yang Liu, NASA’s JPL 
    • Dr. Kathleen Vander Kaaden, NASA

12:00pm – Lunch

1:05pm – Welcome Back Remarks 

1:10pm – Helio Big Year

    • Dr. Jim Kinnison, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Joe Westlake, NASA

1:35pm – Habitable Worlds

    • Dr. Jason Kalirai, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Dr. Mark Clampin, NASA
    • Sara Seager, MIT
    • Tiffany Wong Hall, Blue Origin

2:20pm – Uranus 

    • Michael Amato, NASA

3:05pm – Break

3:40pm – Are We Ready for Space Weather?

    • John Hicks, JHU APL – Moderator
    • Lt. Col. Haley Homan, USSF

4:10pm – Conversation with NASA’s Science Mission Directorate Associate Administrator

    • Dr. Nicola Fox, NASA

Separate Registration or Purchase Required


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Game Changers Track

Presented in Association with Euroconsult

The Game Changers Track will highlight disruptive technologies that are making waves in the market. By bringing together distinguished guests from all sectors of the industry, we will be exploring the new and up-and-coming technologies that are reshaping the space industry, which will ensure that this will be a thought-provoking track.

9:00am: Welcome Remarks

9:10am: World Post Starship

    • Karan Kunjur, K2 Space
    • Andy Lapsa, Stoke Space 
    • Dylan Taylor, Voyager Space 

9:30am: Earth Observation – Sustainability and Carbon footprint

    • Charlotte Croison, Euroconsult – Moderator
    • Rob Desborough, Seraphim
    • Will Marshall, Planet

9:50am: Cloud Computing and AI in the Military Theater

    • Even Rogers, True Anomaly
    • Dave Pearah, SpiderOak

10:35am: Coffee & Networking Break

10:55am: Digital Transformation Through the Overall Supply Chain

    • Johan Aman, Unibap
    • Phil Carrai, Kratos 
    • Guy de Carufel, Cognitive Space 
    • Alvaro Sanchez, Integrasys
    • Dan Wright, Armada 

11:40am: Satellite-as-a-Service: Navigating Opportunities in Orbit

    • Carol Craig, Sidus Space 

12:00pm: Lunch & Networking

12:45pm: The Power of Processing From Space: In-Orbit Innovations

    • Steve Kitay, Microsoft 
    • Avi Shabtai, Ramon Space 
    • Lorenzo Feruglio, Aiko
    • Robert Greinecker, iSEE

1:30pm : Featured Speaker 

1:45pm: Manufacturing in Space and on the Moon

    • Natalia Larrea Brito, Euroconsult – Moderator 
    • Matthew Gialich, Astroforge
    • Mike Greenley, MDA 
    • Joshua Western, Space Forge 

2:30pm: Entering the 4th Dimension: Next Geo-int

    • Frank Backes, Capella Space
    • Brian O’Toole, BlackSky 

3:15pm: Coffee & Networking Break

3:35pm: Featured Speaker 

    • Interviewed by: Natalia Larrea Brito, Euroconsult

3:50pm: Life in Space

    • Natalia Larrea Brito, Euroconsult – Moderator 
    • Grant Anderson, Paragon
    • Max Haot, Vast 
    • Dr. Kris Lehnhardt, NASA
    • Giuseppe Lenzo, Telespazio 

4:35pm: Closing remarks

Separate Registration or Purchase Required